Raptor Gastroenterology

By Dr. Scott Ford Citation: Ford S. Raptor Gastroenterology. J Exotic Pet Med, 19:2 (April), 2010: pp 140-150. Abstract: Birds of prey have developed talons, a hooked beak, and a […]


2003 Raptor Care Manual

A self-published medical manual for care of birds of prey.


Raptor Research Foundation Publications

Check out Raptor Research Foundation’s techniques manual and other materials helpful for those working with birds of prey.


Color Atlas of Avian Anatomy (Free PDF)

By John McLelland Avian anatomy focusing primarily upon poultry. Includes histology and some pathology images.


Color Atlas of the Diseases of the Domestic Fowl & Turkey (Free PDF)

By C. J. Randall Required reading for avian medicine board certification. The book is dated but the information and images are still relevant as all of these diseases are still […]


Avian Surgical Anatomy of the Thoracic & Pelvic Limbs (Free PDF)

By Susan Orosz This is a must-have for veterinary orthopedic surgeons. It’s been out of print for years and copies are selling for hundreds of dollars in online used book […]


Birds: Their Structure & Function (Free PDF)

By A. S. King and J. McLelland A long out-of-print, fact-packed book of avian anatomy. It is required reading for those seeking board certification and is highly recommended for anyone […]