Poultry Raising Manual

Posted by Dr. Scott Ford

Citation: Cox, Bill, ed. Small Flock Poultry Health. BC Ministry of Agriculture, Abbotsford, BC. 2011. 251 pp.

“This manual covers all the elements of poultry production with the goal of helping the
small flock owner keep their birds as healthy as possible. It covers areas including housing
and management, basics of poultry diseases, disease prevention and control, and food safety.
While not a complete encyclopaedia of poultry health and management it will help to guide
owners in the care of their flocks. For those wishing to explore more detail in some areas,
references are provided.”

I’m sharing this book as a guide for new chicken owners to learn the basics of coop design and general care of their backyard flock. Please let me know in the comments below if it proves helpful to you!

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