Awarded Adjunct Faculty Position at University of Wisconsin-Madison
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By Dr. Scott Ford

I’m pleased to announce that as of a couple of months ago, I was awarded an official Adjunct Assistant Professor position in the Department of Surgical Sciences, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Wisconsin-Madison.

I’ve been working with the veterinary school since about 2014, offering lectures at their annual exotics conference and as a guest lecturer to the veterinary students each spring. In the past couple of years, I’ve also instructed surgery labs with residents and interns that have interests in avian medicine. Topics have included anesthesia, soft-tissue surgery, backyard poultry, and orthopedics and we have more courses planned for the coming year. It’s been a great relationship and I’ve enjoyed working with the veterinary school and its students and faculty. I feel I learn new things each time I am called upon to share my knowledge and experience.

The adjunct position provides additional tools that will help me with my ongoing bird work and research support. Most notable is access to online journals through the university library system.

Special thanks to Drs. Christoph Mans and Grayson Doss for their invitations and the support in getting the position approved. I’m looking forward to what we can do together!

Participants in the 2020 orthopedic surgery lab for residents and interns at UWM School of Vet Med

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6 thoughts on “Awarded Adjunct Faculty Position at University of Wisconsin-Madison”

  1. Kathy Ingallinera says:

    Hi Scott, great to hear!! You never cease to amaze me, my friend.

    1. Scott Ford says:

      Thanks, Kathy! 🙂

  2. Michael W. Smith says:

    Hi Scott, Congratulations my friend. Why does this not surprise me. Your passion for the feathered ones is boundless. Talk to you later.

    1. Scott Ford says:

      Thanks, Mike! And I’d love to chat and catch up!

      1. Michael Smith says:

        Hi Scott, I do have a question regarding a Basic III BAEA that’s been in rehab care for over a year. Within the last two weeks it has developed what appear to be neurological symptoms, e.g., head twitching plus what appears to be a cataract in the right eye. The eagle is currently being cared for at Critter Creek Wildlife Station in eastern Fresno County near Kings Canyon National Park. I know this is rather vague but any info would be appreciated. Mike

  3. Noelle Reagan says:

    Congratulations! Well deserved. You are an amazing veterinarian and the only one I trust with my beloved parrot, Murphy!

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