Free Avian Anesthesia Webinar Hosted by Lafeber

Adapted from Lafeber announcement:

Dr. Lorenzo Crosta will present this live, interactive, webinar on the clinical perspectives of avian anesthesia. After reviewing clinically relevant avian anatomy and physiology, Dr. Crosta will touch upon injectable anesthesia, then discuss in detail preanesthesia and inhalation anesthesia in clinical practice. The discussion will then move on to monitoring the avian patient including vital signs, capnography, Doppler pulse, electrocardiography, and pulse oximetry. Dr. Crosta will also discuss analgesia, intra-operative fluid therapy, and specific concerns related to avian anesthesia, such as positioning the patient, hypocalcemia, air sac cannulation, and special management of diving birds. This seminar will conclude with practical tips for safe and uneventful patient recovery.

Continuing Ed. Credit: The course is RACE approved for 1 hour of continuing education (2 hours if you also review the recommended anatomy/physiology material) for veterinarians or support staff.

PresenterLorenzo Crosta, med vet, PhD, GP Cert (Exotic Animal), DECZM, EBVS European Veterinary Specialist in Zoo Health Management.

Date/Time: Sunday, February 9, 2020 at 2 pm EST

Register and learn more at LafeberVet.

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