Dr. Ford Authors New Chapter on Wild Bird Flight Conditioning

By Scott Ford

A few years ago I wrote a chapter on flight conditioning of wild birds. It’s part of a new book, published by Wiley Blackwell, that hit the shelves this year and promises to be a comprehensive reference for veterinarians that see wild birds and mammals in their practices. It’s called Medical Management of Wildlife Species: A Guide for Practitioners.

The book is the work of 37 authors and spans topics involving wild birds, amphibians, reptiles, and mammals. Dr. Ford co-authored the chapter on pre-release conditioning, focusing exclusively on the avian side of the topic while Dr. Kristen Dubé covered mammals. The book is 482 pages. It’s available in hardcopy, downloadable e-book, or as an online-only copy through Blackwell.

Dr. Ford’s contribution describes physical therapy, flight conditioning, and criteria for release. It includes suggestions for restraint of large birds of prey, application of flight conditioning equipment, and suggestions for record-keeping. There are figures to supplement the text.

If you have this book and, more specifically, read my chapter, I’d love to hear back. Leave a comment below!

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