I have the flexibility and experience to help you with a bird project most anywhere in the world. I can be on-site to perform surgery, bringing everything necessary or making the necessary logistical arrangements to get supplies there. I provide protocols to help biologists with permitting processes and communicate with institutional animal care and use committees. I can prepare transmitters for a project, even when I am not contracted for surgical services. Whatever you need for ethical, compassionate care of your study subjects, I will do my best to help. Contact me for an estimate but typical prices are $625/day for services in the field, $25/unit for PTT preparation, and $45/surgery for supplies (when I am the attending veterinarian). PTT preparation includes application of mesh, collar, testing, and gas sterilization. Shipping and travel expenses must be provided. I also include adhesive labels in each PTT I prepare, with all pertinent data pre-printed, to prevent transcription errors and simplify the documentation process in the field. If you are a field researcher and would like more information, please fill out the form below:

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