Seeing Dr. Ford with a Pet Bird

I serve the Milwaukee, WI area on a part-time basis. If you’re outside this area, please check out my page on finding an avian veterinarian. For pet birds, I make myself available for advanced cases, consults, and referrals primarily. I’m gone a lot and I give my wildlife conservation projects the priority for scheduling. So, I encourage you to have a local avian vet that you can trust for routine exams, blood work, and trims and I’ll back them up on the hard stuff. I can also be consulted by your veterinarian through the Veterinary Information Network.

For emergencies or referrals, I can be reached through Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals (MECA). I’m usually open for scheduling two days per week (currently Mondays and Tuesdays). They can be reached at 414-543-7387.

For well-bird checks (e.g., routine annual physicals and bloodwork), I hold semi-regular clinics at Center for Avian Rehabilitation and Education (CARE) in Waukesha, WI. Services there are limited at that location so I do not see birds there with known illness or injuries. You can check with CARE on dates and reserve an appointment by calling them at 262-875-4115.

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