Birds: Their Structure & Function (Free PDF)

By A. S. King and J. McLelland

A long out-of-print, fact-packed book of avian anatomy. It is required reading for those seeking board certification and is highly recommended for anyone in the avian medical field. Used copies can be acquired on eBay but their price has steadily risen and they are harder to find. I scanned this copy in years ago to make it more portable and to share with students. Download and enjoy!

Citation: King AS, McLelland J. Birds Their Structure & Function, 2d ed. Bailliere Tindall, London. 1984. 334 pp.


If you prefer to focus on just one system, the book is broken into chapters based on organ systems. You can select a chapter/system below and download just the area you’re interested in. These are all already included in the file above.

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