Finding a Pet Bird Veterinarian

By Dr. Scott Ford

Seeing Dr. Ford

If you are looking for an in-person or remote veterinary consultation with Dr. Ford, please visit this page.

Other Avian Veterinarians Around Milwaukee

These are local veterinarians who demonstrate interest in seeing avian patients and who refer patients to me from time to time. It is not necessarily an endorsement as I have not been able to work closely with all of them. If you know an avian veterinarian in or near Wisconsin that you’d like listed, please comment below.

Outside of Milwaukee

There are two excellent search tools available to you. Bear in mind that sometimes information can get a little out of date if a clinician moves, retires, etc. so be sure to call and make an appointment before showing up.

Member search for the Association of Avian Veterinarians (an international association for avian-interested veterinarians)

Search for Board-Certified Avian Veterinarians at the American Board of Veterinary Practitioners

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