Seeing Dr. Ford with a Pet Bird

Information on seeing Dr. Ford with your pet bird

Our Services

Dr. Scott Ford provides veterinary medical services for wildlife. This includes seeing wild bird patients for examination and surgery, providing surgical and medical support for field biologists, assisting in environmental disasters, and providing online or telephone support for veterinarians and wildlife rehabilitators. Injured Wildlife Dr. Ford’s studies and career began with wild birds and he […]

Color Atlas of Avian Anatomy (Free PDF)

By John McLelland Avian anatomy focusing primarily upon poultry. Includes histology and some pathology images.

Color Atlas of the Diseases of the Domestic Fowl & Turkey (Free PDF)

By C. J. Randall Required reading for avian medicine board certification. The book is dated but the information and images are still relevant as all of these diseases are still around.

Dr. Ford holding a wood duck

Care of Ducks, Geese, and Swans

Dr. Ford’s care recommendations for waterfowl (ducks, geese, swans).

Woman holding huge Victorian pigeon

Care of Pigeons and Doves

Dr. Ford’s care recommendations for columbiformes (pigeons and doves).

Avian Surgical Anatomy of the Thoracic & Pelvic Limbs

By Susan Orosz This resource has been removed at the request of the author. They will be releasing a new, co-authored book titled Surgical Anatomy and Orthopedic Management by Susan E Orosz, M Scott Echols and Patrick T Redig, in 2022. I’m excited to see this new book released– it’s been many years in the […]

A chicken in a pen

Care of Chickens and Turkeys

Dr. Ford’s diet recommendations for pet chickens and turkeys.

Birds: Their Structure & Function (Free PDF)

By A. S. King and J. McLelland A long out-of-print, fact-packed book of avian anatomy. It is required reading for those seeking board certification and is highly recommended for anyone in the avian medical field. Used copies can be acquired on eBay but their price has steadily risen and they are harder to find. I […]

Healthy Choices for Your Parrot

Dr. Ford’s general care recommendations for pet parrots.

Diet for Eclectus Parrots

Dr. Ford’s diet recommendations for eclectus parrots.

Diet for Small Ground-Feeding Parrots

Dr. Ford’s diet recommendations for small ground-feeding parrots.

Diet for Small Tree-Feeding Parrots

Dr. Ford’s diet recommendations for small tree-feeding parrots.

Diet for Large Parrots

By Dr. Scott Ford These are my diet recommendations for large parrots such as Amazons, gray parrots, cockatoos, and macaws. Free free to download and share the handout. Recommended Diet For most pet psittacines (parrots) I recommend a diet consisting of: 80% formulated commercial diet (e.g., “pellets” such as Zupreem, Harrison’s Adult Lifetime, Lafebers, Roudybush, […]

Helping A Wild Bird

Finding help for an injured or ill wild bird.

30+ years experience treating wild birds

Dr. Ford’s career began with wild birds began as a college student in Alaska. Since then he has treated thousands of birds from a wide array of taxons and a diversity of situations including wildlife rehabilitation, oil spills, field research, falconry, and zoo settings.

Finding a Pet Bird Veterinarian

How to see me or find another avian veterinarian to tend to your bird’s needs.